Frequent Headache Remedy Bio12, 300 pellets, For the Prevention and Relief of Chronic Headaches Take Daily, Useful for Congestion Headaches & Headaches from Neuralgia

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Biocombinations are base minerals that are used in the cell structure. They've been used for 200 years as a stand-alone system. But we've found that they work very well with the Homeopathic combinations, and people get BETTER outcomes, and FASTER results.


(Ferr Phos, Nat Mur, Kali Phos, Mag Phos)6x Headaches due to congestion and a rush of blood to the head, neuralgia. Better from heat, worse from cold. Nervousness as a consequence of worries sleeplessness, or a low-functioning liver. Worse in the evening or in a warm room, better in the open air.


Adult:4 tablets, children half of the same 3-4 times a day or as prescribed by homoeopathic doctor.