Emotional Renewal BM186, 30mL, Natural Supplement to Manage Emotional Distress & Trauma, Helps Relieve Fatigue & Poor Concentration, Remedy to Minimize Anxiety & Improve Ability to Cope with Stress

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  • A GREAT COPING MECHANISM So you can to deal with whatever life sends you and not get stressed out
  • MIND & BODY BLEND To treat the physical responses your body has to upset emotions, guilt or grief
  • A HEALING SUPPLEMENT Promotes recovery from feelings of anger and frustration due to life trauma
  • CLEARS NEGATIVE FEELINGS helps you work past emotional blockages to concentrate and move forward
  • BALANCE & FOCUS Natural stress reduction for healthy energy levels and the ability to think clearly


TIRED? UPSET? HURTING? Emotional distress or traumatic experiences can stop you in your tracks, leaving you feeling hopeless and unable to figure out what to do next. Your body will respond to this situation the stress hormone cortisol maybe released and then up goes your blood pressure. You can experience feelings of fatigue, a lack of concentration even an increased heart rate that might result in a full blown panic attack.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE and Emotional Renewal can help you start to set things right. Whether it's a trip to the dentist or something much more serious Emotional Renewal can ease the physical symptoms and help you clear out the emotional baggage that is holding you back. Just a few drops a day and you will begin to feel more clear headed you will be able to let go of the negative feelings and move on with the business of living.

PROTECT YOUR IMMUNITY unresolved emotional issues from past grief or trauma can decrease your immunity leaving your susceptible to illness on top of everything else you are trying to deal with. Severe long term issues that are not dealt with can have a huge impact on your overall health and well-being.

YOU GOT THIS! You can handle life and we want to help you, along with whatever treatments or strategies you are currently using start taking Emotional Renewal a few times each day. There are no side effects or interactions and it is completely gentle.