Gynecological Infections Chronic (BM240)

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The significance of gynecologic symptoms often depends on the age of the woman because symptoms may be related to the hormonal changes that occur with aging. Some specific symptoms include: Infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual disorder, inflammation of the cervix (cervicitis – a common infection of the lower genital tract), viral infections of the skin or mucous membranes (molluscum).


Vulvar itching with a thick vaginal discharge; burning upon urination; redness and white patches at the sites of infection; occurrence of pain during penetrative sexual intercourse. Chlamydia: Unusual vaginal discharge and burning when urinating. Later symptoms include lower abdominal pain; pain during penetrative intercourse; bleeding between periods and low-grade fever. Gonorrhea: Pus-like discharge from cervix; lower abdominal pain; fever. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Chronic, moderate-to-severe pain in the abdomen; irregular menstrual cycles; non-menstrual bleeding; increased vaginal discharge; painful and frequent urination; nausea and fever. Cervicitis: May have no symptoms. When present, symptoms may include intermenstrual bleeding; vaginal discharge that increases after menstruation; bleeding after penetrative intercourse; painful urination; low back pain. 

KreosotumD7 70C, Merc SolD15 100C, Merc CorrD15 100C, Nitric AcidD7 70C, Hydrastis CanD6 60C, Kali BichD4 40C, PulsatillaD4 40C, Ars AlbD4 40C

Take 10-15 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If you weigh less than 100lbs use half a dose or take as prescribed.

30mL approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended

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