Masturbation (Excessive) Natural Remedy (BM105)




IkshugandhaD1 10C, Acid PhosD6 60C, Agnus CastusD6 60C, China OffD4 40C, DamianaD12 100C, PhosphousD6 60C, OrchitinumD12 100C Sexual excitement by frictions of the genitals. Morbid imagination. Spermatorrhoea (involving seminal emission). Morbid condition of the urethra. Irritability of the bladder, constipation and sexual excess. Masturburation is the habit of sexual excitement by friction of the genitals accidentally or learnt from the bad associates. This habit develops by the use of impure books or conversations and morbid imaginations. Spermatorrhoea is the voluntary seminal emission during sleep and other times. Its causes may be the morbid conditions of urethra, irritability of the bladder, indigestion, constipation, violent constriction of the anal area, rectal irritation, prolapsus ani. Further symptoms are depression, breathlessness, weakness of memory, loss of moral control, weakness and pain in the back, palpitations, headache, sunken eyes, paleness of the face and impotency.


Adult: 10-15drops, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.