Total Tissue Cell Salt Mineral Combination Bio28, 300 pellets, Helps Your Body Absorb & Use Nutrients, Increases Energy Levels, Improves Sleep patterns, Restores Overall Health & Vitality

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Safe for all ages. Will not interact with other medicines and supplements

Cells are the building blocks of life

Your body– and each of its’ vital organs – is comprised of millions of cells. Those cells need to interact with each other in order to maintain your overall good health. However, cellular function can sometimes become impaired due to poor nutrition, aging or illness. Depriving your body of necessary minerals can result in cellular dysfunction, which in turn can lead to illness and disease. Bestmade Bio28 Natural Mineral Supplement fortifies your body with minerals and nutrients. This promotes healthy cell metabolism, optimizes connective tissue production, and helps cells form a natural barrier against damage. By restoring overall health and balance to your body’s cellular structure, you will experience renewed energy and physical wellness

Bestmade Bio28 contains no chemicals or toxins, so you can use it in conjunction with other treatments. Because it is gentle and all-natural, it is safe enough to administer to children, in reduced dosages

Feel great, have more stamina, and take on all of life’s adventures.