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Natural Remedy for Bladder Problems (BM23) Six Pack- Save 50%

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Enuresis (bed wetting) Cystitis

The bladder is responsible for many functions in the body, while some people have a very healthy bladder, others are plagued by bladder problems from time to time.

Nocturnal Enuresis is the medical name for bed wetting – which is not being able to control urination at night, it is also sometimes called involuntary urination. In a person with normal bladder control, nerves in the bladder wall send a message to the brain when the bladder is full; the brain then sends a message back to the bladder to keep it from automatically emptying until the person is ready to go to the bathroom. But people with nocturnal enuresis have a problem that causes them to pee involuntarily at night. This may be a condition that has been going on since infanthood, or has developed later on after bladder control has been established for some time.

Bedwetting can be due to a variety of reasons, it is most commonly caused by an immature bladder, thus the necessary muscle and nerve control is lacking; or the inability to wake up due to a very deep state of sleep.

Some other causes for bed wetting include:

bladder infection – infections can irritate the bladder and make it more difficult to hold urine
genetics – being predisposed to the inability to awaken when the urge to urinate arises during sleep
alcohol, coffee or diuretic medicines – diuretics encourage the kidney to produce more urine, if taken at night and bladder control is poor, this can cause bed wetting
sleeping tablets/medications – causing the inability to awaken when the urge to urinate arises
diabetes – this condition increases the need to urinate, if bladder control is poor this can cause bed wetting
mental health – such as Alzheimer’s, depression, fear, stress and anxiety
other conditions – such as neurological problems and sleep apnea can result in bed-wetting. Pregnancy, an enlarged prostate or obesity, can increase pressure on the bladder

Dysuria is a common symptom of a bladder infection (cystitis). It is the medical term for pain or discomfort when urinating and is commonly caused by bacterial infections of the urinary tract. Cystitis, mainly affects women, since the urethra is short and easily invaded by bacteria and other microbes present in the bowel, vagina and vulva area. Cystitis describes three different conditions which have similar symptoms: frequent urge to urinate, scanty urine which has a strong odor and stings or burns while urinating, and may have blood in it; sometimes there may be a dull ache feeling in the lower abdomen. In men, a bladder infection is usually associated with an enlarged prostate or prostate infection, bladder tumors, bladder stones, or congenial abnormality of the bladder or urethra.


BM 23 is a safe, non-addictive, natural homeopathic remedy which is formulated to strengthen immature bladders and support bladder irritation, urinary burning and frequent urination.

BM 23 is also effective in diminishing lower back and abdominal pain associated with an infection or irritable bladder, and may be taken at the first sign of infection. This unique homeopathic formula is safe for all ages, as well as during pregnancy and nursing.

Some health care practitioners may prescribe various drug treatments to help prevent bedwetting. These medications are rather controversial as some have very serious side effects and most only offer short-term immediate support. Once the medication is stopped, bedwetting usually returns. It is highly recommended that you carefully research the recommended prescription medication and its side effects before agreeing to drug therapy, especially in the case of young children.

Sometimes behavioural changes – creating a regular routine can make a difference, or psychotherapy may be helpful. There are moisture sensitive pads you can buy, which creates awareness.

Conventional treatment of Cystitis include: over-the-counter drugs such as painkillers or antispasmodics (eg. Paracetamol or ibuprofen); over-the-counter solutions such as citrate or potassium citrate; antibiotics such as amoxicillin and sulfa drugs (sulfonamides); if cystitis is more complicated and there is an underlying physical abnormality or cause, sometimes surgery is recommended.

Conventional treatment of Dysuria include: antibiotics; urinary analgesics; or antifungal drugs in the form of tablet, cream or suppository.

Please note:

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BelladonnaD6, CausticumD7, EquisetumD5, Kali PhosD5, Plantago MajD2, PulsatillaD5


Natural Remedy for Bladder Problems (BM23)

Take 5-10 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If you weigh less than 100lbs use half a dose or take as prescribed.

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Natural Remedy for Bladder Problems (BM23)

Natural Remedy for Bladder Problems (BM23)

Natural Remedy for Bladder Problems (BM23)