Prostatitis & Enlargement (BM45)

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Natural Remedy to Support Healthy Function of Prostate Gland & Improve Immune System Relieves Symptoms of Frequent Urination, Burning, Stinging & Prostate Pain


Prostatitis & Enlargement

The prostate gland is made of two lobes completely surrounded by an outer tissue layer; the size of healthy human prostate is slightly larger than a walnut. Prostatitis is an inflammation or infection of the prostate gland. It affects at least half of all men at some time in their lives, typically between the ages of 30 to 50 years. This condition is usually due to an infection spreading from elsewhere in the urinary tract; an acute attack typically begins with chills and fever, lower abdominal discomfort, pain in the area between the genitals and the anus, and burning with urination.

An enlarged prostate affects most men and is common with age. An enlarged prostate means that the gland has grown bigger. As the gland grows, it can press on the urethra and cause bladder and urination problems, like those with prostatitis. The actual cause of prostatitis is unknown.

As the manages and the prostate glands enlarge, the prostate also enlarges, while the layer of tissue surrounding the prostate does not expand. This causes the prostate gland to press against the bladder and the urethra, creating a clamp-like condition. This can slow down or block the flow of urine. Some men will experience the need to urinate frequently or are awakened during sleep with the sudden urge to pass urine. Other men will have the feeling that the bladder has not fully emptied, or unable to completely empty bladder.

Enlarged Prostate and Prostatitis Symptoms include:

Burning or stinging feeling when passing urine (dysuria)
Strong or sudden, and frequent urge to pass urine (especially at night), even when there is only a small amount of urine
Inability to completely empty bladder, or feeling that the bladder has not fully emptied
Weak, dribbling or the slow urine stream
Pain low in the belly, groin, or behind the scrotum
Testicle pain, genital and rectal throbbing

If your doctor suspects that you have prostatitis or another prostate problem, you may be referred to a urologist to confirm the diagnosis. A digital (finger) rectal exam is performed to evaluate whether the prostate gland is enlarged or tender. If there is still uncertainty, further tests may be required such as: an analysis of discharged prostate fluid for signs of infection, blood tests, biopsy, urine analysis, and most often through the use of ultrasound.


BM 45 for prostatitis and enlargement is a safe, non-addictive remedy, specifically formulated to support the healthy functioning of the prostate gland health and functioning of the urinary tract in men, while also acting as an immune system tonic to encourage normal and efficient immune functioning. BM 45 relieves symptoms like weakened urine flow, feeling of the bladder not being completely empty – even after urination, urgency, and the urge to urinate frequently at night. This remedy is taken internally and relieves symptoms without troublesome side effects.

Self-care includes:

physical therapy-like exercise and biofeedback are used to help relax tight muscles; a warm sitz bath will help relieve pain and relax lower abdominal muscles; avoid alcohol and caffeine, especially after dinner or within 2 hours of bedtime; don’t drink a lot of fluid all at once, spread it out throughout the day; try drinking cranberry juice 4 times a day to increase the acidity of the urine, especially if you feel burning sensations when urinating; urinate when you first get the urge, or often throughout the day even when you don’t feel the urge to go; as much as possible, avoid over-the-counter cold and sinus medications that contain decongestants or antihistamines as they can increase symptoms; relaxation exercises to reduce stress since nervousness and tension can lead to more frequent urination; avoid prolonged sitting; avoid cold weather if possible.

Other treatments will range from antibiotics for prostatitis/inflammation, to various pharmaceutical approaches (alpha-blockers) to treat an enlarged prostate and relax or shrink the prostate or bladder. Pain relievers are used for pain relief and muscle relaxants are used to cure spasms. If antibiotics do not help open the blocked ducts, surgery may be recommended. The type of surgical procedure will be based on the severity of the symptoms and the size and shape of the prostate gland. There is an increased risk of side effects with each of these options.

Capcilla B.PD4, Chimaphila UmbD6, ClematisD4, ConiumD4, PulsatillaD4, Sabal SerrD2,SolidagoD6

Take 10-15 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If you weigh less than 100lbs use half a dose or take as prescribed.

30mL approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended


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