Superinfections SUPPORT Remedy (BM222)

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This REMEDY is specially formulated to STRENGTHEN and support with your immune system. Homeopathy builds HEALTH, and your own system is used to fight off SUPERINFECTIONS. We have had fantastic feedback from our customers and many Doctors that use this remedy to support and heal.   **This is not an Anti-biotic***

Key information:

* Remedies do NOT interact with other medications or treatments. They are 100% safe in small children (lower doses), babies and even pregnant women. * The remedy is preserved in a High percentage Alcohol solution to preserve the organic integrity of the remedy. (This is one reason why our remedies are so much more effective than other similar remedies from other companies. They use WATER because it’s cheaper) * Our remedies are BEST taken in a glass of water (or even better, use a bottled water), after meals. * Results: People usually see an improvement in how they feel within 7-14 days.

Ingredients (as per the Pharmacopia of the United States: Hepar SulphD10 100C, Arnica MontD7 70C, Euginia JambosaD4 40C, EchinaceaD4 40C, BaptisiaD4 40C