Varicose Veins and Ulcers (BM31)

Natural Varicose Vein & Varicose Ulcer Treatment
Pain Relief & Natural Healing Properties
Improves Vein Health & Promotes Better Circulation

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Varicose veins are enlarged , swollen and twisted veins that  are caused by faulty valves in vein  that let blood pool in one area or move in the wrong direction.

Symptoms can range from mild swelling and discomfort to aching legs and ankles with severe swelling.  Varicose enlargements can also occur in the esophagus, anus  and scrotum.  Sometimes varicose ulcers form as a result of the malfunction of the vein.  

Doctors use various  invasive treatments to tie  off or  otherwise close off the vein so the symptoms will fade. 

Use the power of nature to get varicose vein relief and help heal ulcers at home with our combination remedy that contains natural ingredients to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote proper vein function.

Arnica Montana is used to treat the pain and reduce inflammation  caused by varicose veins. Pulsatilla can also be used for pain  relief.

Powerful healing properties found  in  Calendula, Echinacea and  Hepar Sulph help combat any infection that might occur due  to varicose  ulcers.  

Calcarea Fluorica is a wonderful remedy that helps relieve  irritation and  encourages tissue  strength in the vein walls and  helps improve elasticity.

Hamamelis does double duty tightening the walls of the vein for improved strength and it helps to fight infection too.

Just put a few drops in water and drink it, repeat until you have finished the recommended days of treatment. 

Arnica MontD4, Calc FlourD3, CalendulaD3, EchinaceaD10, HamamelisD2, Hepar SulphD5, PulsatillaD7

Adults take 10-15 drops in eight ounces of water. If  you weigh less than 100lbs  take half a dose, or use as prescribed by a homeopathic doctor