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5 Characteristics Of People Who Are Aging Well

5 Characteristics Of People Who Are Aging Well

No one is jumping for joy because they are getting old, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life and experience health and happiness as we get older. The biggest problem with aging for many of us is that it can diminish our quality of life; we just can’t do the things we were able to do when we were younger.

Many see this as an obstacle too big to conquer and give up. Lots of people just spend time watching television, struggling up the stairs, and taking three naps a day.

But is that the solution?

Aging is a natural process and happens to everyone eventually. You just have to suck it up, right? Hmm, not quite.

Some people prefer to tackle aging head-on and live for as long as they can with vitality, energy, and good health. But how do they do this? Let’s take a look at the 5 characteristics of those who are aging well.

They Still Try New Things

Okay, so you’re getting a bit older. Perhaps you have passed 65 and just want some peace and quiet. The thing is, our brains love new stuff. Your brain never stops growing unless you stop using it. Learning new things and mastering new skills can help your brain feel younger and work better. 

Some new things for senior citizens to try could be art classes, yoga, music or just attending a senior citizen social group. All of this can be easily accessed online meaning that you could be experiencing something new in no time. 

Perhaps, you enjoyed drawing at a younger age but never really got the chance to pursue it or give it your time and effort. Now is the time to do it as you are probably close to retiring or maybe you already did and you just don’t know what to do with all your free time. Give drawing a go. See if there is still a spark between you and the paper. Maybe you will realize that you found yourself again.   

Many people say that they just cannot live without music. Some even say it gives their life purpose, taking them out of misery on their bad days. Music is fun because it can be interpreted in different ways without a right or wrong answer. If you are one of those people who enjoy a well-written piece of music rather than just the beat or the rhythm, you could still stimulate your psychological development by finding the best music choices for you. 

Some musicians like to express their views on current social or global issues through their music. Listening to other people’s opinions through music can also be a way of you keeping up to date with current issues. You can listen and reflect on it from the comfort of your own home. You could even bring it up at the next senior citizen gathering and see what your peers think about it. Try listening to a piece that is popular amongst younger generations nowadays and see if you can understand their angle on the topic, why it is popular, and if there are any similarities between the two generations that you can relate to.

They Have Friends Who They See Often

Older people are more susceptible to loneliness and isolation than younger people are. Their worlds inevitably grow smaller as they retire from work, stop driving, and so on. This really does diminish the quality of your life, because loneliness can cause both mental and physical problems.


Those who are aging well, though, know the importance of having friends and maintaining contact with them.

They have all kinds of social connections:

  • Partners
  • Best friends
  • Siblings
  • Bridge partners
  • Churchgoers
  • Yoga class members

And so on. These are not just “acquaintances” they see once in a blue moon; these are all people they see regularly. They chat to them each week, invite them round for coffee, and maybe even go on vacation with them.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who do not have many family members left and you’ve parted ways with all your friends, do not lose hope. This means that it is time to meet new people. If you are interested in music and want to play in a band, New Horizons music groups are welcoming older adults who share the same interests and want to meet new people. This can also give you a chance to learn a new skill as they are taking up older adults who have never played before. 

If you are a bit shy, and not a very social person there is still a solution for you. Get a pet that suits your lifestyle and abilities.  Owning a pet can be a very rewarding journey. They will definitely cause a change in your daily life and sometimes test your patience, but they will always love, accept you and provide companionship. If you decide to adopt a pet, both you and your chosen animal will never have to feel lonely again. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is working on advancing the safety and well-being of animals. SPCA International keeps on expanding the scope of programs, launching new initiatives, increasing the size and volume of shelter grants awarded, and expanding education programs. This small international organization is making a huge difference in the lives of animals throughout the whole world. Click on the link if you wish to know what it takes to adopt an animal from SPCA


They Stay Mentally Active

Using your mental faculties regularly on a day-to-day basis could be the key to keeping your mind young. Older people who regularly complete puzzles, surf the Internet, and get creative through writing, art, sewing, or other hobbies are aging well because they’re keeping their brains active.

As you get older, it’s super important that you look after your mind as well as your physical body. Reading is a great way to stimulate your brain. Perhaps, picking up a magazine, your favorite book or the newspaper that could contain topics that are of interest to you could make you feel motivated to learn more.  It might also be beneficial to join a book club in your area and meet new people have great discussions, and stay mentally active that way. When you are reading, you engage more than just a couple of brain functions, such as phonemic awareness, visual and auditory processes, fluency, comprehension, and many more. Reading switches your brain into action maintains focus, and allows your mind to process the current events happening before you.


Playing cards or solving puzzles can also help you stay mentally active. Invite an old pal for a drink and play a round of Uno or rummy. It will definitely keep your brain in tip-top shape. Endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin all come into play when you are dealing the cards out among your close friends. These hormones are essential factors to improve your mental health. Together, they improve your mood, decrease your stress, enlarge your concentration, and induce better sleep and these are just a couple of benefits. Some other games that you can play to stimulate your brain are chess, crosswords, bingo, or computer games.

Taking a course can stimulate your brain as well. Take an evening class on cooking or gardening and see where your interests can take you. Maybe soon enough you will be able to start your own classes and earn a bit of money from your passion. Learning to knit or embroider can even stimulate your mental activity and lead to personal satisfaction as it gives you a sense of achievement.

They Know What Makes Them Happy

When we don’t even know what makes us happy, we certainly can’t do it. This means we are often living a life of stress, turmoil, and unhappiness. We are not satisfied. This can take its toll on our minds and bodies, to the point where we are accelerating the aging process.

Older people who are aging well really have this happiness thing all sorted out. They know exactly what makes them happy - and by heck they’re  going to do it. They’ve learned to say no to people (when necessary), and to focus on bringing positivity into their life.

Time is precious and it is important that we spend it with people that love us and whom we care about. Equally important is finding those things you have a passion for, that bring pleasure into your day.  Spending time with your children and grandchildren or simply diving into a hobby that brings out the joy in you can really remind you that no matter the age, life is still so worth it. 

Another simple way of finding happiness that we often forget about is gratefulness. Practicing gratitude gives your mind peace and can improve the quality of your life for free. Being grateful for all the things you already have and the people that are part of your life, makes you realize there is no need to search for happiness because it is all around us. 

They Get Around

People who are isolated and don’t get out much are at greater risk of developing dementia, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and more.

People who know how to age well stay active; they sweat it out at the gym, take up yoga classes, and walk everywhere. They have a healthy, well-balanced diet and maintain a stable weight.


Yoga can definitely boost your physical and mental health. It can improve your balance, flexibility, and strength. It is also beneficial for lots of things like back pain, arthritis symptoms, heart health, and obviously it helps to relax the body and mind.

It is never too late to start practicing a sport. According to research at the University of Birmingham, older people who have never even taken part in sustained exercise programs have the exact same ability to build muscle mass as highly trained master athletes of a similar age. If you start training now, soon enough you might be able to even run a marathon as your endurance for exercise increases.  

Do you find it difficult to start a proper exercise routine or get motivated to go on a daily walk? If you like pets, get a dog. A cute fluffy companion is definitely good motivation to start taking care of your physical health and it will most likely make the process a lot easier than doing it alone. Finding a human buddy to join you can also make the whole process of getting fit something you actually look forward to!



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