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TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) disorders and Trigeminal Neuralgia are two common conditions that can trigger intense jaw pain.



The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding hinge that connects the jawbone to skull. TMJ disorders can cause pain in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement. Signs and symptoms of TMJ will include pain or tenderness of the jaw, difficulty in chewing, pain in one or both temporomandibular joints and aching facial pain. The ability to fully open or close the mouth can also be compromised.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that is associated with the trigeminal nerve known as 5th cranial nerve. The trigeminal nerve carries sensations and signals from the face to the brain. If a person is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, even a small movement of the face such as brushing teeth or eating will trigger an acute pain in the facial muscles.


The pain from these conditions can be reduced by using NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs), anti-depressant medication, muscle relaxants and botox.  These treatment options come with a whole list of possible side effects. Nsaids can cause stomach problems, headaches and high blood pressure.  The most common side effects of taking anti depressants are weight gain, sexual problems, fatigue, nausea and insomnia. Muscle relaxants aren’t much better; they can make you tired, dizzy, depressed and lower your blood pressure.  Botox can leave you with muscle weakness or stiffness, dry mouth, blurred vision, fatigue and more. It kind of leaves you wondering what is worse the treatment or the health concern!

Surgery and injections are a possible consideration when other treatments fail to work. Surgery is also invasive, expensive, requires recovery time and may not be covered by your medical insurance.



Toothache and Nerve Pain in Jaw (bio23) is an all-natural remedy that relieves dental pain, toothaches and jaw pain.  It does not contain any gluten, preservatives or chemicals that are harmful to the human body.

The antispasmodic quality of this product will ease pain and inflammation of trigeminal neuralgia and dental surgery. It will reduce muscle spasms associated with jaw, relax smooth muscles and ease the involuntary muscle contractions that lead to pain in the jaw joint.

The mineral supplements included in the product will boost the regeneration of nerves and enamel after oral surgery or dental drilling. This powerful combination of ingredients such as Ferr Phos, Mag Phos and Calc Fluor. Ferrum Phosphoricum (Ferr Phos) is an effective remedy that treats infections, muscular strains and inflammatory conditions. It is a cell salt that contains mineral compounds that help the body build strong blood cells. It strengthens the circular wall of the veins and arteries and helps generate Red blood cells.

Sensitivity is a major problem related to dental treatments. Magnesium phosphorus (Mag Phos) which is often referred to as homeopathic aspirin is used to reduce sensitivity in nerve tubules of the tooth.

Calc Fluor is another important ingredient included in the formula. It is a biochemistry salt that is used as a solution for different conditions associated with head and scalp, stress, eyes, ears, nose, face and mouth. It can treat a toothache, inflammation on the jawbone and swelling on the cheek.

Bio23 remedy is a lactose-free sugar cane base product that contains easy to swallow tablets. It is safe for use by both adults and teens. It is recommended to use the medicine with a prescription from a homeopathic doctor to avoid any adverse conditions.


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Tuesday Heimes - July 12, 2022

Will this work with a trigeminal neuralgia headache

Laurie Perez - July 31, 2020

I have tmjd I had a tooth pulled recently which caused inflammation in my jaw to flare up. Would this product help? I do not have a homeopathic doctor. I also have a lot of pollen allergies and gastritis

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