Ferrum Phos 6X

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Ferrum Phosphoricum


Ferrum Phosphoricum (6x) Fe3(Po4)2. 8H2O

Anaemic, Nervous and sensitive, Acute bronchitis, Haemorrhages, Enuresis, Aphonia. 1. It can be used as preliminary treatment of any disease. 2. The typical Ferr. Phos subject is not full blooded & robust, but nervous, sensitive, anaemic with the plethora. 3. It is useful in acute bronchitis & hyperemia of lungs. Expectoration of pure blood in pneumonia. 4. Haemorrhages, bright from any orifice e.g. nose, throat, lungs, stomach. 5 It should be remembered in day enuresis. 6. Ferr. Phos increases haemoglobin.7. Headache better form cold application. Soreness to touch, cold & noise.


Adult: two tablets, Children half of the same, three times a day or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.