Gingivitis Treatment & Gum Inflammation Natural Remedy Bio18 300 pellets

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Naturally boost your oral health with this extra strength combination of mineral cell salts...
  • Help your body fight the bacteria that causes bad breath and swollen gums
  • Anti-gingivitis formula with advanced defense for periodontal disease
  • Powerful & easy to use just swallow 3 tiny pellets with water 3x per day

SOMETIMES BRUSHING YOUR TEETH IS NOT ENOUGH!  Your mouth is full of bacteria that forms plaque on your teeth, daily brushing and flossing are your first line of defense. Regular visits to the dentist can help monitor and maintain the overall health of your mouth.  But what if your gums are already swollen, they bleed when you brush them, or you have infected gums that have pockets of pus? It's time to add our mineral supplement to your plan, Gingivitis Treatment & Gum Inflammation Natural Remedy provides the nutrition your body needs to heal itself and improve your oral wellness.

RELIEF & RESCUE Periodontal disease such as pyorrhea of the gums can cause receding gums and make you to lose your teeth and the infection could put you at further risk if you are diabetic or have a serious illness, so stop it before it happens! The amazing power of nature can help reverse your dental issues; Calc Fluor & Calc Sulf have a reputation for building teeth, relieving concerns about loose teeth, and they are good at dealing with gum infections and abscesses. Silicea with help swelling in the gums, infections and sensitivity. Super charge your current treatment plan with our mineral cell salts combination designed specifically for gingivitis, gum infections and any resulting halitosis.

SMILE a healthy mouth is a smart mouth, stopping gingivitis before the more severe periodontal disease occurs really is a good decision.   A healthy set of teeth and gums is a great reason to smile; because you just avoided many serious health complications like increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. So, brush, floss, visit the dentist if you can and remember to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to support gum health! 


Take 3-5 tablets 3-4 times a day. If you weight less 100lbs use half a dose or take as prescribed.

(Calc Fluor, Silicea, Calc Sulph) 6x

Tissue cell salts have been used to improve people’s health for over a hundred years! What are you waiting for? 

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