Plantago Dental Lotion 15mL

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Nearly Instant Relief!
All-Natural Oral Care Drops
Use for Relief from Sensitive Teeth
Toothache Pain, Gingivitis & Bad Breath


Does the pain in your mouth stop you from doing things that you want? When you suffer from tooth sensitivity hot drinks, sugary snacks, a popsicle or even the cold air can trigger nerve pain and spasms.  OUCH.  Illness and medication can make it worse with mouth sores and bad breath.

Want natural relief that works fast? That is easy to use and contains no toxic chemical or preservatives?  Then our Bestmade solution is going to work for you, Plantago Dental Lotion.  Don't be fooled by the name, this is not a lotion just some simple drops that can help improve your oral health.

End toothache pain. Just apply directly to the sore tooth or cavity for nearly instant relief.

Helps stop tooth sensitivity, this natural formula relieves sharp pains caused by cold & hot foods

Gum Detox & Canker Sore treatment this is a healing remedy for gingivitis and painful mouth sores.

Halitosis fix, gives you a fresh healthy mouth by fighting infections and gum inflammation.

For a great smile and super clean teeth  add a few drops to your toothpaste or coconut oil and brush regularly




Acid Carbolic D1, Aconite Nap D1, Belladonna Ø, Camphora Ø, Kreasotum Ø, Plantago Ø, Xanthoxylum Ø. 


Place several drops on a cotton swab and apply to cavities, gums and mouth sores, or as advised by your natural healthcare provider. 


1530mL approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended


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