Grey Hair Reversal BM70, 30mL, Effective, Natural Treatment for Premature Greying & Greying due to Stress and Illness

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Grey Hair Reversal Natural Remedy by Bestmade Natural Products - YouTube



Verat AlbD30 100C, ThujaD2 20C, Anti CurdD10 100C, TheridionD10 100C, Ferr MetD10 100C, PhosphorusD10 100C, SulphurD10 100C

Faulty diet and mental worries are two primary causes. Excessive smoking may also be one of the causes. Morbid conditions. Older look. Lack of sebum. Deficiency of Vitamin-B in the daily diet. It is assumed that the major cause of the premature graying in youth age is washing of hair with hot water and drying them with electric hair dryer. Another cause may be excessive use of hair dyes, chronic cold, sinusitis, anaemia and chronic constipation may also be the cause of premature graying of hair. Hereditary factor.

The age of the onset of the graying process is largely determined by our genes. Generally by the age of 50 almost 50% of the population have at least 50% grey hair. Sometimes they appear too earlier. Premature graying runs in certain families. Rapid graying of hair may accur after several emotional stress. In certain internal diseases like thyroid gland or anaemias of certain kind may also be the cause of premature graying of hair. It is a morbid condition and makes even the young look older. This causes the great deal of concern to affect persons or personalities especially women. The sebaceous glands of the scalp secrete an oily substance called sebum, which is a source of nutrition, lustre and blackness of hair. The hair cannot be fed externally, for such nourishment as the scalp requires must come to it from the bloodstream. BM Grey Hair (Premature) compositum is of much assistance to regain little natural touch in the blackness in your premature graying of hair.


Adult: 10-15 drops, children half of the same, 3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.