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4th Of July Bundle-SOLD OUT
4th Of July Bundle-SOLD OUT

Menstrual Support & Pain Support (BM232) 30ml Triple Pack - SAVE 30%

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No two women are affected by periods in exactly the same way. The specific symptom includes backache, premenstrual bloating feeling, fatigue, and headache. You may feel no more than a passing discomfort from your period, or you could be doubled up by it. Usually, the pain comes in the cramp-like spasm. It could start in the lower abdomen and may radiate up the spine and down the legs, or center in your lower back. If you get it really badly, you may feel really dizzy or nauseous and get diarrhea and vomiting. Most women find that the pain comes on a few hours before their periods start and begins to cease once the flow begins. But in a few females, pain continues into the second and even the third day of their period. Some other symptoms include; fatigue, headache, backache, premenstrual bloated feeling, and occasional diarrhoea.

RatanhiaD4 40C, Mag PhosD6 60C, PulsatillaD4 40C, Lobelia Inf.D4 40C, Senecio3 30C, Viburnum Op.D4 40C, Ferr MetD15 100C


Menstrual Relief & Pain Relief (BM232) 30ml

Take 5-10 drops 3-4 times a day in 8 oz of water. If you weigh less than 100lbs use half a dose or take as prescribed.

30mL approximately a 1 month supply when used as recommended

                                100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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Menstrual Relief & Pain Relief (BM232) 30mlMenstrual Relief & Pain Relief (BM232) 30mlMenstrual Relief & Pain Relief (BM232) 30mlMenstrual Relief & Pain Relief (BM232) 30ml


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Menstrual Relief & Pain Relief (BM232) 30ml

Menstrual Relief & Pain Relief (BM232) 30ml