Nat Phos 6x Acid Neutraliser Remedy, 300 pellets, A Natural Formula for Heartburn, Inflammation, Gout, Headaches & Stress, Provides relief by Regulating Acid/Base Levels in the Body

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Phosphate of Sodium


Natrum Phosphoricum 6x (Na2HPO4. 12H2O)

Regulates the functions of stomach, Intestines, kidney and joints. All discharges are sour, kidney stone UTI, enuresis and rheumatism. 1. This salt is produced in blood, muscles, nervous cells and other parts of the body. 2. It has specific action on stomach, Intestines kidneys and joints and it is very essential for their appropriate function. 3. It should be remembered in all cases when there is sour eructations and vomiting, all the discharges are sour. 4. It is of service in diarrhoea, when the stools are sour, green or white. The tongue has a yellow golden coating. 5. It is of service in kidney stones, inflammation and infection of bladder. 6. It is also useful in enuresis specially in children. 7. It is also effective in rheumatism.



Adult: two tablets, Children half of the same, three times a day or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor.