For Gas & Indigestion Natural Remedy (BM156)

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Mag PhosD3 30C, ErigeronD3 30C, Nux MosD3 30C, IgnatiaD6 60C, AlstoniaD3 30C, China OffD5 50C, HydrastisD6 60C

Indigestion, painful & burning sensation in the upper abdominal region, bloating, belching, defuse abdominal pain, heart pain, passing gas , nausea and occasionally vomiting. Irritable bowel syndromes, lactose intolerance, depression and anxiety may also be the specific indications.

Dyspepsia and flatulence is definitely treatable even with the little dietary changes. The flatulence and dyspepsia indications may appear because of hurried eating or drinking, smoking or chewing gum, badly fitted denture, gas in large intestine, undigested carbohydrates and lactose intolerance. The very common symptom of the patient are pain, abdominal distention, constipation or diarrhoea, nausea, flatulence, dyspepsia, depression and anxiety in combination of these symptoms may be present.



3-4 times a day in some water or as prescribed by a Homoeopathic doctor. Children: Half of the same or as prescribed.